The Story of the Turban

This documentary traces the history of the turban in the Sikh religion, from its roots in India, through the battlefields of Europe, to the fight for British Sikhs to wear it without fear. It reveals that the turban is a crucial symbol of the Sikh faith - one that Sikhs will even risk their lives for.

Don't Freak, I'm Sikh

Poem By Pardeep Bahra to raise awareness on the Sikh turban and religious equality.

The Sikh Next Door

The Sikh Next Door is a short documentary that introduces four young Sikhs born and raised in America, and explores their attitudes, culture, religion and heritage in an engaging and conversational style. It has been aired nationally on PBS and is part of a curriculum package that helps teachers teach diversity by using the example of Sikhs.

Five Folds

Five Folds is a short film based on a father and son's relation, how a son values a precious gift from his father and lives up to his expectations.

Gur Ram Das Rakho Sarnaee

A humble tribute to Guru Ram Das Ji


Eternity by DK
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